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Waste Accountant was developed in 2005 to support and improve sustainable waste management within construction, civil engineering and highways businesses. The sustainability challenge is to enhance growth and profitability while complying with waste regulations and meeting waste reduction targets. As waste management is complex it is important to simplify the capture of data and replace manual and paper-based systems with a one stop cloud based system, that is accessed through any electronic device.  

In a nutshell, Waste Accountant measures and monitors waste from generation to endpoint. The inbuilt reporting and analytical tools enable businesses to manage and reduce waste, ensure regulatory compliance and improve environmental and commercial performance. Cost analysis is a fundamental part of Waste Accountant and the system has a proven track record of healthy cost savings in relatively short timescales.

Once Waste Accountant is embedded in your business three key stages are completed. These focus on tracking, reporting/analysing and improving waste management. You can read about these in more detail below.

Step One - Installation and Tracking
Step One - Installation and Tracking
Step Two - Reporting and Analysing
Step Two - Reporting and Analysing
Step Three - Continuous Improvement and Business Development
Step Three - Continuous Improvement and Business Development


Safe, secure and recoverable data storage

Inputting data into Waste Accountant is quick and easy with our drop-down menus and bulk entry options. Data is presented clearly in cvs format and is easily collated and analysed using our inbuilt reporting and analytical tools. 

All data is backed up safely and securely so you will never lose information.  

Avoid duplicated data entry

Waste Accountant is an integrated waste manement system and is designed to allow multiple organisations to add data to the same project. Users can transfer data from their account to another either by API or the import and export function. 

Update MMPs and SWMPs in real time

Waste Accountant Material and Site Waste Management Plans are continously updated as waste movement data is added. This prevents the need to add data retrospectively once the job is done, saving valuable time. 

Reduce CO2 using the Waste Accountant carbon mileage calculator

Waste Accountant is designed to ensure that clients' waste is recycled at a permitted site closest to  schemes/project/office/depot. 

Waste Accountant calculates mileage data using waste movement information to demonstrate best CO2 performance and areas requiring improvement. 

Generate quarterly waste returns at the click of a button

Instead of creating a spreadsheet or completing the online 'Generic Operator Returns' to forward quarterly waste data to the Environment Agency, Waste Accountant generates instant reports containing all waste movements for a given quarter. 

Duty of Care checks for Waste Accountant subscribers

To ensure that any waste that you produce is handled by an authorised facility, it is important to check that it has the correct permit or exemption in place. We complete duty of care checks , on behalf of our clients, for local facilities and carrier's during Waste Accountant set-up.  Waste companies listed in the our Supplier Search do have free access to Waste Accountant where they can add Duty of Care information to their profile.

For facilities in the Supplier Search that do not display a permit or exemption number, you can complete a duty of care check using the following link Environment Agency Public Register

Broker your own waste and save time and money

WasteBay is a trading tool built into Waste Accountant to allow you to broker the best deal for your waste materials. Select local suppliers listed in Waste Accountant that can receive the waste and request prices. 

Call the Waste Accountant helpdesk for more information.   

Improve your performance using Waste Accountant export reports

To identify areas of healthy performance or required improvements in waste management, Waste Accountant displays graphical representations of your current performance in your dashboard and provides a selection of export reports to display selected data sets. The inbuilt graphical tools manipulate data to reveal trends and to measure performance and legal compliance.  

Give Sub-contractors access to Waste Accountant

If you employ subcontractors that dispose of waste on your behalf, then the subcontractor level access in Waste Accountant is for you. Using restricted access, subcontractors can add waste data direct to your account in Waste Accountant. This way your waste management plan is updated in real time and any backlog in data entry avoided.  


Have a question, then give the helpdesk a call - it's free

All Waste Accountant subscribers have unlimited access to our team of experienced consultants. Call, email or post a message through the Waste Accountant dashboard as many times as you need. 

Call 0117 3704250 between 9am and 5pm daily to talk to a member of the team.  

Free, automatic software updates

The Waste Accountant software is regularly upgraded at no extra cost, leaving you to focus on your business. Our dedicated team of environmental and technical consultants follow innovations in waste management and incorporate feedback from our users to continually improve your experience. 



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We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and providing the best service we can. We ask our clients what they think and use their feedback to inform and guide new functionality and features within the system, so we can make a real difference.


We have a dedicated helpdesk that our clients can call or email to get the support they need. We understand the importance of continuity and our clients deal with same team member during a support request.


For the last 15 years Waste Accountant has evolved with the changing landscape in resource innovations and waste regulation. Our team has a deep understanding of practical environmental and resource management applications and uses this experience to bring our clients the most innovative and up to the minute materials management system.  

What people say about us?

“WasteAccountant.com has significantly improved EAE use of Site Waste Management Plans ”

Environmental Manager, Electricity Alliance East.

What people say about us?

“By regaining control of our waste steams through Waste Accountant on four term maintenance contracts, May Gurney has started to change the perception of “waste” into a resource. ”

Innovations Manager, May Gurney.

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